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Bend by FNBO is a new service from First National Bank of Omaha built in collaboration with industry leading fintech infrastructure partners to bring modern API embeddable co-branded credit products to digital brands and fintechs.

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Digital Brands

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Digitally-driven, experience-led

FNBO is a 160 year old family owned bank and leading credit card issuer powering over 250 financial institution, co-brand, reward, and affinity partner branded in-market card programs.

As an early pioneer of partner branded credit card issuance, FNBO has a long history of staying ahead of the pack to meet the needs of our partners and our shared customers.

Bend by FNBO is the next step in our evolution.

How We’re Different

Bend by FNBO marries FNBO’s historical strength in the partner branded credit market with the modern technical capabilities of emerging non-bank credit issuing program managers – a powerful combination that enables us to uniquely deliver advanced capabilities and value to the market.

How We're Different

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Financial and Technology Expertise

Modern and flexible credit card products

To collaborate with creative digital brands and fintechs on innovative new credit products and business models, Bend by FNBO has established new ways of working, built a brand-new cloud-native stack, and integrated with leading fintech partners including Marqeta.

Our early brand partners have said working with us feels different than working with a traditional bank.

 That said, it is in our DNA to provide excellence at the foundational layer of modern credit card issuance: a strong balance sheet, creative underwriting, advanced risk management, high touch servicing, portfolio growth management, performance insights and analytics, and much more.

Our single contract approach to doing business means we are always accountable for the successful management and operation of your program. Our strategic partner, Marqeta, brings modern processing capabilities and open APIs to the table. Together, we’ll guide your program through design, build, launch, and on to successful operation and evolution.

Our Solution Offers Your Brand:

Control in Design

  • Embedded application and account management experiences
  • DIY UI/UX, statements, and other consumer touch points
  • Influence in the product evolution and API sets

Flexibility in Rewards

  • Creativity in rewards value proposition
  • Redemption options that fit your business and customer needs
  • Different funding options for rewards

Economics that Make Sense

  • Various revenue and interchange share models
  • Optionality to share in risk or own receivables
  • Card loans backed by FNBO’s strong balance sheet and capital

Deep Subject Matter Expertise

  • Industry-leading program management
  • Deep technology and integration support
  • A consultative approach guiding your brand toward long-term growth

Our Partners

Bend by FNBO is collaborating with industry leading technology partners to power next generation card programs and create innovative ways for brands to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

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